How to get help

UberGrid has a built-in support feature allowing its users to submit support requests right from their site. That makes troubleshooting a really easy thing with fastest turnaround time possible and avoids long email conversations. All you need to do is to click “Ask for support” next to the grids you build and fill the form as described below.

Step 1: Click “Ask for support”

Open the grid you are experiencing problems with at either public or private part of your site, and click “Ask for support” button above the grid displayed. You’ll see the form described below.

Step 2: Fill the request form

The support request form asks for your email that will be used for replies regarding the issue (and nothing else), and the description of the issue you are experiencing. Please be as specific as possible when filling in the description – a simple “does not work” makes it hard to understand what goes wrong and requires additional communication. It is best to describe the steps you take to reproduce the issue in simple terms like “I am doing this and that and expect the grid to do this thing, but it does that thing”.

And, at the end of the for, the permission is asked for creating an account for the support user. If you’ll leave it checked, an account will be created with a random password set and sent to UberGrid support. That makes it really easy to review the site configuration and help customers quickly without asking too many questions. Of course, you are free not to provide an access to your site backend – it’s up to you.

Step 3: A little bit of patience

After submitting the request, you’ll need to wait from a few hours to a couple of days for an answer. Usually, requests are answered within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer when lots of them are submitted. Please remember, that while all the efforts are taken to process them ASAP, no obligations are given to match any turnaround expectations.

Step 4: Done!